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A new way of living & thinking

Home Staging, Business Building, Introduction
A new way of living & thinking

Welcome to Stellhous , a Home Staging, Design and Decor Service!

I'm doing things a bit differently now. Having worked in public service for so many years and managing teams of employees and running offices , I am showing up for myself with the intentions of creating life on my terms.

We are in a different world these days and although the uncertainty of what 2020 and 2021 brought us , we are reminded daily that one thing is certain, that's change. This is what we need to keep on the forefront of all matters. Change is the only constant in life and it's uncomfortable but it's necessary , now more than ever.

You might have heard of the phenomenon of "The Great Resignation" that has blanketed the workforce in 2021 , well you can include me in this .

However, I would refer to it as " The Great Awakening " .

During this awakening, employees who worked for companies realized that other things are far more important than being a W2 employee. Perhaps they felt undervalued , not seen or heard, treated like a number and not a human with a lifestyle and family that depends on their well being.

For me it was none of the things I just mentioned , I was compensated very well and had a full package of benefits and yet still felt unfulfilled in my position. I realized after a 3 week vacation in September of 2021 ,which turned into a deep dive into self discovery , many things became clear but most importantly the thought of , I only have 1 life .

Thats it, we get 1.

You see to understand how I arrived at this decision , you need to know where I've been and that alone is a loaded conversation. I will share that I have been on the hamster wheel for 30 years now and I missed out on so many things with my children as they were growing up.

I am grateful for all the opportunities that were presented to me and all the skillsets I picked up along my career path and yet I still arrive at the question , " but Stell at the cost of what ? "

Today , I relaunched my Home Staging Business , (the one that I launched 3 years ago Pre-pandemic ) with a new name and a new way of seeing things.

My health ( mental & physical ) is front and center now , with reading , meditation , nutrition, exercising daily and most importantly being present for my family when they need me . I have a huge relief now , I immediately began sleeping better , I'm happier and fulfilled building my brand and networking my way into job connections.

I understand entrepreneurship isn't for everyone but at this point in my life , it is for me.

So follow along , you have front row view of watching me navigate in building my business and living out my life mission.

On here, I will show you the many things I did to start this Home Staging , Design & Decor business and also show you learning experiences ( mistakes) . I will share tips and best practices on the benefits of Home Staging , Design and Decor and we will explore new topics all things home related.

Happy New Year to you and yours !

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