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BBQ season is around the corner

Just like we refresh the interior of our homes during seasons , we must do the same and refreshen our outdoor space and prepare it for our Summer BBQs.

Have you ever been on a trip or vacation and stayed at a resort ?

Do you remember the feeling of what you experciened while you sat on the lounge chairs ?

Close your eyes for a moment and have your memory or imagination take you there for a minute.

Do you hear birds chirping, light music perhaps, an ocean wave ?

How about scents ?

What scents come to mind, perhaps, food on the grill or tropical scents like coconut lime verbena and lastly, How do you feel on that lounge chair?

Are you enjoying the sun, the shade , is the material of the lounge chair comfortable ?

It's important to remember all the feels that you experciened while on vacation in order to bring that to your families outdoor space. The size of your outdoor space doesn't matter and I will give you a few tips on how to refreshen your space too so you can enjoy your summers outdoors .

The prep

Start off by cleaning up your area.

This could include power washing your surroundings , fences, siding of your house or the floor.

Take a look at your patio furniture. Is it in good shape still ? If so , then perhaps all you need are some colorful accessories to brighten up the space, some low cost items are pillow cushions , new planters , a few citronella candles or scented candles .

If you need to make an investment on patio furniture, you really need to ask yourself, how do you Iive? What kind of furniture material will work best for your family?

How about fabrics , do they need to be stain resistant ? If so , make sure you purchase performance fabrics like Sunbrella unless you are willing to make a commitment to always put your furniture cushions away.

It is also a good time to take a look at your potted plants . Did they survive the harsh winter or will they need to replaced? If you need to replace them ,make sure you get plants according to your zone so that their survival rate increases.

Purchase outdoor tableware if you don't have any. Paper plates and red cups are cool but lets leave that for frat parties . A great colorful choice and long lasting is purchasing melamine dishes . They are a little more costly but a nice investment because they do last and don't break,

Lastly, lighting! Cafe lights really tie the space together and makes everything feel like summer . Now go enjoy your outdoor living space and enjoy your BBQ summer parties.

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