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Stellhous offers professional Home Staging Service in San Diego County. If you are looking to sell your home , allow us to make it shine!

We work to dress up your home and prepare it with furnishings, color suggestions and accessories. Our goal is for the interior of your home to look pristine so that you can maximize the proceeds from the sale of your home.

Contact us , We have home staging packages to meet all budgets starting as low as $350.00 for our occupied staging consultations.
As a very young girl , Stell was drawn to home interiors, decor, design and styling. Having to support her children she had to put her dreams on hold and work jobs that although they paid the bills , it didn't allow her to make space for her creativity.
After a very long fruitful career in government service she was ready to launch her dreams by servicing clients with staging their homes full-time . She has an eye for detail and excellent project management skills . She is naturally gifted in styling and staging and she is also a Certified Home Stager . She takes pride in her work and loves to empower her clients in making wise design and styling decisions that will provide the best return on investment. She is fluent in Spanish and a member of International Association of Home Staging Professionals ( IAHSP) recently recognized as one of the stagers of color in the industry.


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